weekly digest

Weekly digest (9/23/11)

Today’s my mom’s birthday – so a happy day to moms everywhere! (As it should be).

  • Read it. This Esquire profile of Jon Stewart makes for a fascinating read, as it tries to explain how he still gets away with being the funny newsman.
  • Saw it. Fall t.v. alert! Up All Night, with Will Arnett and Christina Applegate, is pretty funny. Glad to see both of them! Plus, Maya Rudolph as an Oprah-character is hilarious.
  • Heard it. Jens Lekman has a new EP out (Argument with Myself). You like fun, talky, smooth Swede pop? You’ll love this!

Weekly digest (9/16/11)

Every day now, I get ready for the Bay’s version of a summer, which usually appears in September or October. And yet – nothing.

  • Read it. I started The Paris Wife by Paula McLain, which chronicles Ernest Hemingway’s first wife while they were living in Paris, during the era of the Fitzgeralds and Gertrude Stein and The Sun Also Rises. I know already it’s going to be heartbreaking, but the writing is clear and gives a clear vision of a determined young writer and the wife in the background.
  • Saw it.  If you’ve lived in San Francisco for some time, try giving Vertigo (Hitchcock) another viewing – or a first viewing if you’ve never seen it. The vintage shots of the city, with a taut, crazy-as-nails storyline, makes it for perfect for a rainy afternoon.
  • Heard it. Alabama Shakes has an EP out on Bandcamp. For $4, you’ll get 4 songs that will remind you of a twangier Janis. Highly recommended!!

Weekly digest (9/9/11)

This week certainly kept my head spinning. When’s the next day off?

  • Read it. I’m reading Judith Thurman’s biography of Isak Dinesen, and it’s amazing – clear, concise, and just as readable as the works of the author whose life it describes. Highly recommended.
  • Saw it. Caught The Red Violin finally. I have had the soundtrack for years, which means the musical themes were eerily familiar.
  • Heard it. More old music  news for you – the new Cut Copy is fun and bouncy!

Weekly digest (9/2/11)

Ah, the distinct promise and power of a long weekend: so many plans laid, only to be easily waylaid by a tv show binge.

  • Read it. I re-read Neil Gaiman’s first volume of The Sandman again and was impressed again by the strength of the story and some pretty creepy art.
  • Saw it. Ah, I watched Hitchcock’s Vertigo for the first time since living in San Francisco. So many locations I recognized! And such a taut, haunting film.
  • Heard it.  Wow, pretty late to the game on this one, but Foster the People is so fun! I dig!

Weekly digest (8/26/11)

Time to take a mini-break and head down to Healdsburg (and sunny weather!) for a wedding!

  • Read it. If you’ve read the first one (The Magicians), Lev Grossman’s The Magician King picks up neatly on the fantastical fandom of fantasy books. It manages to both capture the escapist nature of the literature as well as the harsh realities people hide from.
  • Saw it. I rewatched the Triplets of Belleville and was struck again by how quirky and abrasively charming it is.
  • Heard it. Been listening to some Girls as I bought tickets to see them in October!

Weekly digest (8/19/11)

Funny how even if you aren’t going back to school, the spirit (or maybe the marketing) is infectious. I just spent fifteen minutes shopping for new pens, and considering if maybe I need some new binders.

  • Read it. Another delightful M.F.K. Fisher book – this time How to Cook a Wolf, her meditation on cooking during wartime scarcity and the following prosperity. She has such a fundamental respect and admiration for food, it’s contagious.
  • Saw it. Louis C.K. was hilarious. I highly recommend seeing him live or watching his show if you don’t already.
  • Heard it. Taskaki Miyaki has an awesome lo-fi sound, and even better, a free mini-EP.

Weekly digest (8/12/11)

Ooof, it feels both longer than two weeks and that time has just sped past.

  • Read it. I picked up The Bone People by Keri Hulme at Powells in Portland and was drawn in by the beauty of the New Zealand landscape and the isolation of the damaged characters. Far more uplifting than most books about abuse are.
  • Saw it. Despite a slightly irrational dislike of stand-up comedy, I have started watching Louie and am really impressed. I even bought tickets to see him live next week at the Punchline!
  • Heard it.Well, it’s gotta be the bands at Pickathon last week! I loved the folky spirit of the Fruit Bats and the Zydeco stylings of the Pine Leaf Boys playing in the middle of the woods.

Weekly digest (7/29/11)

Man, this has been a GOOD week for starting books. They just keep coming in from the library, and I get just get distracted and open up a new one.

Weekly digest (7/22/11)

Oh yes, dear weekend, so happy to see you. I missed you.

  • Read it. Anya’s Ghost, by Vera Brosgol, is a warm, cute YA comic. I very much enjoyed it.
  • Saw it. I missed it the first time around, but I’m watching My So-Called Life for the first time and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. “I like the way he leans”?  Classic.
  • Heard it. There’s a new Pickathon mix, and I’m so digging it and getting excited for road trips and camping and music festivals! Sunday Valley especially sounds good…

Weekly digest (7/15/11)

Whoah, middle of July already? Seems like even when you don’t have three months off, summer seems to fly by.

  • Read it. Think I found this via a “Best books for summer” list, but Jeanette Winterson’s The Stone Gods is both lovely and post-apocalyptic. It reminded me of the stellar Cloud Atlas, by David Mitchell (which if you haven’t read…. !).
  •  Saw it. More to say later, but I’m Not There is really, really good. I don’t think a better movie about Bob Dylan could have been made.
  • Heard it. Tom Waits bootleg from the late 1970s (via Aquarium Drunkard).