Weekly digest (2/25/11)

And a very merry pre-Oscar weekend to you! I hope you enjoy them and haven’t had to not eat for 3 weeks the way I imagine some nominees have had to.

  • Read it. Two Academy Award-themed reads: the LA Times does a check-in about the veracity of Exit Through the Gift Shop. I read it and it confirmed my take on the movie (real!), but I wouldn’t put it past Banksy for it to still be a hoax. And Deadline Hollywood recently circulated the script for The Social Network, if you feel like admiring Sorkin’s snappy dialogue on paper.
  • Saw it. I watched Annie Hall for the first time in ages this weekend, and was struck all over again at how good Woody was at his best.
  • Heard it. Rolling Stone‘s December 9, 2010 issue was their Playlist issue, which had famed musicians making playlists. Sounds dumb, but they have the actual songs on their website, where you can hear Jenny Lewis’ 70’s California Rock mix, Robbie Robertson on New Orleans music, and Mick Jagger’s fave classic blues.