Robyn, by NRK P3 via Flickr So I am definitely late on the Robyn train. Or incredibly early, because I remember doing dance routines to her “Do You Know (What It Takes)” at sleepovers. In the US she had two or three really popular songs, and that’s probably what she was best known for.

Of course, in Sweden and the rest of Europe, she was an epically big star, making high-quality but pretty standard pop and dance fare, until 2004 when she left Jive records (yes, the Jive Records of the Backstreet Boys fame) in order to play her own sound – more adult, electronic dance music.

Her 2005 album Robyn, showed a more sophisticated shift, and she received three Swedish Grammy awards for it. She kept busy with remixes, collaborations, opening for Madonna, singing backup vocals for Britney. She must have been busy writing too, because in 2010 she released 2 albums and an LP: Body Talk Pt. 1, Body Talk Pt. 2, and Body Talk.

If Gaga is the weird girl that has captured the hearts of millions, Robyn is the girl that never left the dance floor. Love, heartbreak, breakdowns and redemption are all found within the club. Titles include, “We Dance To The Beat,” “Dancehall Queen,” “Dancing On My Own.”

The greatest part is that all these songs have a strong, rich emotional core that I know I don’t usually find in dance music. Robyn gives some sage advice to a new boyfriend, “Call your girlfriend now, It’s time you had the talk, give your reason, say it’s not her fault / But you, just met somebody know.” And then the beat starts, and it is glorious. On my personal favorite, “Get Myself Together,” she sings, “My momma called me last night / she said when nothing else fits / pick up the pieces and move on,” all over a pulsing beat in her sweet, robotic voice.

I find myself crazily addicted to listening to her music. In one interview, she talks about releasing three albums in one year, “When you do 16 or 13 songs in one go, you kind of empty yourself, and it takes a while to fill back up and have new things to talk about…” She left all her baggage on the dancefloor – lucky for us.

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Robyn – Dancing on My Own