Night Market @ Public Works (Sat. 3/26/11)

Note: I don’t just watch movies and read books, y’know (although I mostly do that). I’ll be starting to write about stuff I actually do here in the Bay (and elsewhere I hope!).

About forty-five minutes waiting outside of Public Works last Saturday, my roommate turns to me and says, “Not really underground, is it?”

And it’s true, the Night Market, held for the second time by the SF Underground Market together with the awesome event space Public Works, was more popular than the capacity would allow. (Although I have learned that San Franciscans consider waiting in line for something to be a badge of honor).

I was so excited to go – I have been on the SF Underground Market┬ámailing list for a while, and was so stoked to check out all the vendors. We kept being asked if we were members while in line. I knew that the Underground Market was a place for cooks without a commercial kitchen to get together and sell their wares; as I learned in line, membership in the SF Underground group is considered a club and makes it legit (while absolving them of liability!).

As we got to the front, some vendors were selling to the eager people in the queue. (Note for next time, organizers: more food in line! Keeps the crowds happy!).

This was my first time in Public Works, and it is a pretty great space. Both upstairs and downstairs were at capacity though – it was hard to navigate through the lines for chicken and waffles, or to enjoy the gypsy trio onstage. I loved the twinkle lights and the generous, homemade nature of the event – it felt like a crowded church bakesale or something, and definitely a strong community connection rather than a “it’s hip” vibe.

We were late to a going away party but managed to try: mac and cheese, Afghan bolani, some delish ribs (Hubie-Q), and Pad Thai wraps. As I was stuffing my face with ribs outside, we saw some dudes dragging in the pig (dead? stunned?) that was to be part of a butchering presentation that was, alas, sold out.

It was a great event, and I wish I could have stayed longer and maybe had a bit more personal space. But I guess its popularity just shows how much people really crave to share homemade eats with one another, no?

Aerial view

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