Weekly digest (4/15/11)

My brother is in town this weekend, so I hope San Francisco is extra-fun! Also, I’m hoping to head down for a work day and barn dance at Pie Ranch. How much fun does a barn dance sound?!

  • Read it. The graphic novel Daytripper is really haunting. Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá achieve everything you expect from a comic and everything you want from a piece of art.
  • Saw it. Lord Huron and Vandella on Tuesday night! Mad did an awesome write-up and I concur with everything. I had so much fun at that show.
  • Heard it. Unofficial Tina Fey week at Scenic World! But she’s on Fresh Air and is her typical blend of funny and classy. Also, I have been listening nonstop to this James Blake Joni Mitchell cover (courtesy I am Fuel, You are Friends) .