Weekly digest (6/10/11)

Phew, even with a three-day week it is HARD to come back after vacation – especially a vacation as awesome as I had. Post to come soon. With… pictures.

  • Read it. Must be celebrity month at SW, cause I finally finished Bob Dylan’s Chronicles: Volume 1. I bought it in 2004, and, despite the prolonged bookshelf rest, it was pretty darn good. You’re not going to learn anything new about the man, but you knew that, right?
  • Saw it. Going to have to go with Rango (even if Rango did lose!).
  • Heard it. So there’s this artist called Lady Gaga? You may know her for her high-art music videos and tours, but seriously, the 80s power rock on “You and I” makes me SO HAPPY I SQUEAL.