Weekly digest (9/16/11)

Every day now, I get ready for the Bay’s version of a summer, which usually appears in September or October. And yet – nothing.

  • Read it. I started The Paris Wife by Paula McLain, which chronicles Ernest Hemingway’s first wife while they were living in Paris, during the era of the Fitzgeralds and Gertrude Stein and The Sun Also Rises. I know already it’s going to be heartbreaking, but the writing is clear and gives a clear vision of a determined young writer and the wife in the background.
  • Saw it.  If you’ve lived in San Francisco for some time, try giving Vertigo (Hitchcock) another viewing – or a first viewing if you’ve never seen it. The vintage shots of the city, with a taut, crazy-as-nails storyline, makes it for perfect for a rainy afternoon.
  • Heard it. Alabama Shakes has an EP out on Bandcamp. For $4, you’ll get 4 songs that will remind you of a twangier Janis. Highly recommended!!