Weekly digest (11/11/11)

Some magical numbers today! Let’s hear it for people who love symmetry (and have problems remembering the date).

  • Read it. Is it a crime to read something again? I sure hope not. I’ve been enjoying Sandman┬áso much I checked out Neil Gaiman’s Fragile Things for a re-read and was again struck at how elegant, accessible and downright creepy his writing is. (Bonus: read “Other People” here).
  • See it. Confession: as someone who didn’t grow up with t.v. for much of her childhood, I missed the joys of many traditionally syndicated shows. So now that Cheers is on Netflix I’m quite happy to be catching up.
  • Hear it. The Fuel/Friends Autumn 2011 mix is up! Carry on, even happier than before.