Weekly digest (11/18/11)

Suddenly I turned around and it’s the middle of November and the holidays are creeping up and that means the end of the year, and let’s all just take a deep breath together, yes?

  • Read it.┬áIt was a book club suggestion, but Stacey Schiff’s Pulitzer Prize-winning biography of Cleopatra makes a fascinating read for a female leader that was almost as powerful as Alexander the Great and who we only remember for her affairs.
  • See it. My brother and I have a tradition of watching Hitchcock around the holidays. This Thanksgiving: North by Northwest!
  • Hear it. I picked up Simon and Garfunkle’s Greatest Hits on vinyl at Amoeba and it’s perfect morning, noon and night music. Fun fact: it was also one of my first CDs at age 9. Nice to see things come full circle.