Best o' the bests o' 2010

Oh goodness, it’s 2011 already. All my favorite blogs have been doing some hard work summarizing and rating the year, and I’ve listed my favorites here:

  • Vulture’s compilation of Best of lists (where I found Mark Lisanti’s cryptic best of 2010 movies… can anyone get the last 3?)
  • Some really great articles published in 2010 listed on’s Best of.
  • Sterogum’s 40 Best New Bands of 2010 has a playlist with downloads, which is awesome.
  • DJ Earworm mashed up the top pop songs, and it’s so awesomely cheesy and cheesily awesome.
  • I generally get inspired by the NYT Best of 2010 books that they include as part of their holiday gift guide.
  • Still nostalgic?? A list of all the Best of Lists (courtesy

Happy New Year!!!

    A numbers game

    By now it feels like I am writing more about getting myself to write, why I should write, and how I’m not writing–when I actually get around to it. I think about it a lot, and even have sentences composed in my head. At that point, I know I should just get them down instead of telling myself that I’ll remember later when I write (later).

    So what I’m finding is that keeping to the twenty minutes thing a day thing is tough. People like numbers, like Top 5 lists and the website 43 Things and the Facebook game 25 Things. It’s an effort to straighten up our messy lives and goals and likes into neat little boxes. Here’s another number for you: I have heard that two weeks of changed behavior is enough to make a habit. Perhaps it’s time to give that one a try?

    Speaking of lists, I have resumed a very nerdy pastime of yore that might only make sense to a very particular type of mind. I have started a list of things I have done in a month. Think of it like a cultural diary: each month you record what you have read, watched, listened to, seen, etc. etc. I don’t even put impressions, it’s actually just a list. Otherwise, I find that I plumb forget things. It took me until page 35 in E.M. Forster’s A Passage to India to realize oh, shoot, I’ve read this before! (Obviously not in any way that stuck… though embarrassingly enough, I think I wrote a paper on it) Is it useful? Time will tell. Do I ever “refer back”? Not yet. But it gives me a sense of accomplishment to see what I have processed.

    * * * * *

    Sunday nights in the working world are just as sad as they were when I was a kid. Perhaps less stressful, as I don’t have the homework to cram in before the next day. But come Monday, there is a depressing sense of sameness, which for me is laced with wonder: how did that go so fast? Why did I spend so much time hungover? And what am I doing next weekend?

    A snapshot: went shopping in the city on Saturday, caught the tail-end of the Chinese New Year’s Parade, went to a party, had a heart-to-heart with an acquaintance I haven’t seen in years, wandered by Fisherman’s Wharf, had lunch with my dad, and then had a nice evening with Indian takeout and The Office.